Tips for Driving in Ireland

Ireland is one of the world's most popular destinations with numerous attractions located in the beautiful countryside. Get familiar with local rules, signs, and types of rental cars available before you embark on your journey.


Unique Road Signs

Road signs typically show distances and speed limits, as well as important information. Road signs and place names are displayed in both Irish (Gaelic) and English. In Gaeltacht areas (where Irish is the primary language) only Irish is used. It is important to know a few Gaelic terms while traveling in Ireland. Learn more about Ireland road signs here.

Fuel Your Adventure 

Opposite from what is common in the U.S., green handle pumps are unleaded petrol (gas), and black handles are diesel. The petrol cap on your vehicle will indicate whether it takes petrol or diesel.

Park Smart

Be prepared to pay for parking in most instances. Look for street signs showing parking information for guidance. You can pay for parking using coins in the pay and display machine on the street. For more information visit: of Ireland) and (Northern Ireland)

Driving Tips    

•It is illegal to drive and use a mobile phone in Ireland.
• Front and rear seat belts are mandatory.
• Car horns cannot be used between 11:30 pm-7:00 am.
• Roundabouts (rotaries) are commonplace in Ireland and the rules are simple:
yield to all vehicles coming from your right and always turn left on entering the roundabout.
• Tolls are required on some motorways. Most don’t take credit cards so make sure you’ve got some cash.
• Drivers may not turn left when the traffic light is red.

The Ireland Experience

• Driving in Ireland is on the LEFT side of the road. Take your time – drive slowly at first until you gain confidence.
•In the Republic of Ireland, motorways are prefixed with an ‘M’ (for example M50). National roads are prefixed with an ‘N’ (for example N18).
• Roads in Northern Ireland are prefixed with an ‘M’ for motorway; an ‘A’ and ‘B’ for primary and non-primary roads.
• Try to stay on M & N rated roads (avoiding R roads) for the first day or so until you are familiar with your car and the driving environment.


Car Rental Locations

You’ll find an Enterprise Rent-A-Car location perfect for your adventure.

• Airport: Begin the trip as soon as you arrive. Airports are usually located near major roadways that will allow you to get on the road quickly.

• Neighborhood: Great for day trips or to begin your journey after a visit to a major city.

• Train Station: Rent at a train station to explore a region further.

Legal Requirements for Driving in Ireland

At the time of rental, all drivers must produce a valid driver’s license and two proofs of address including photographic identification. All overseas renters require a passport as well as a driver’s license.

Cross Border Regulations

Renters are allowed to travel within Ireland and Northern Ireland. Please note that all North American renters will be required to purchase mandatory liability insurance.

One-Way Rentals Within Ireland

Some branches in Ireland will allow you to return the vehicle to another branch within Ireland for an additional charge.

Accident With Another Vehicle?

Call 0818 555 600 24-Hour

Roadside Assistance

Call 1800227800 (Or call the location where you rented the vehicle)


Enterprise Plus

•Include the Enterprise Plus number at the time of reservation to earn points on qualifying rentals in Europe. Members can redeem points for free rental days at thousands of participating Enterprise® locations worldwide.

Emerald Club

• Emerald Club® makes the car rental experience faster with Priority Service. Include the Emerald Club member number at the time of reservation to earn credits toward free days on qualifying rentals.


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